IMG_9181 rndThe Liberty Summer Seminar is the event that grew into the Institute for Liberal Studies. From 2001-2013 liberty lovers gathered on the property of the Jaworski family. (In 2010 the local municipality worried that the event violated zoning regulations, but the Jaworskis won that fight.) In 2014 Marta and Lech Jaworski returned to Poland, and we found a new home for the Liberty Summer Seminar on the farm of Montana Jones.

Liberty Summer Seminar is an event like no other. The entire seminar takes place outdoors, under a big tent. It often rains, but that’s just part of the tradition. Over the years we’ve had some pretty big names giving talks under the tent – people like Michael Walker, Marc Emery, Lawrence Reed, Tom Palmer, John Tomasi, Lawrence White, and many more! Most people bring (or borrow!) a tent and camp for the weekend.

The 2016 Liberty Summer Seminar will take place in July. More details will be posted in the spring.