The Institute for Liberal Studies is a registered educational charity dedicated to promoting discussions of economics, philosophy, history and public policy in Canada.

We offer educational seminars to teach students about the classical liberal foundation of Canadian society and its application to current issues and challenges. Those invited to speak at ILS seminars span the political spectrum. We encourage discussion and debate about issues grounded in democracy, rule of law, and economic and personal freedoms. Our goal is to provide a venue where people can hear from leading scholars and policy experts while discussing important ideas in a non-partisan environment.

ILS seminars focus on themes such as the relationship between economics and government, philosophy and society, environmental policy and social policy. Many of our one-day seminars are held on university campuses, while the Liberty Summer Seminar is held over two-days in Orono, Ontario. Campus seminars are offered free of charge while others, such as the LSS, are run on a cost-recovery basis with a discounted rate offered to students.

In 2012 over 750 people attended ILS seminars held at eleven universities in four provinces.

The ILS fills a unique role. Our sole focus is on educating Canadian students in the importance of economic and personal freedoms by bringing leading academics and leading commentators directly to campus. By encouraging a dialog between seminar participants and our speakers we hope to foster a greater appreciation for the ideas on a free society in the leaders of tomorrow.

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