No prior knowledge of book topics are required for participation in ILS’ Online Book Clubs, which are open to both students and non-students. Online Book Clubs strive for a diversity of experience and viewpoints to help participants work through the book together and learn along the way through civil discussion.

Upcoming: Summer 2018

Too seldom taught is the history of the greatest economic debate of the 20th century, known as the Economic Calculation Debate. This debate had implications far beyond the discipline of economics, affecting the planning and evolution of public policy through the 20th century. The implications of the debate remain relevant today.

In 1985, Don Lavoie published two books: National Economic Planning: What is Left? and Rivalry and Central Planning. These books rekindled and updated the debate, showing how its relevance remained even though many had considered it settled. In the winter 2018 Online Book Club, we will explore the more accessible of these two volumes, National Economic Planning: What is Left? which explores not only the economics of the debate, but its implications for the politics of the left, where Lavoie himself felt most at home.

Successful applicants to the Online Book Club will receive a copy of National Economic Planning: What is Left? by mail and will read it cover-to-cover, meeting online using Zoom online video meetings over the course of the winter semester.

Less than 50 pages will be assigned per week.

Applications will open Spring 2018.

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