Janet and KieranILS Socratic Seminars provide a chance for small groups of students to spend a weekend in discussion, led by a professor with expertise in the subject. These seminars begin on a Friday and end on a Sunday and allow a group of about 15 to devote an extended period of time to intensive conversation based in a set of assigned readings. Informal discussion often takes place during breaks, meals, and evening socials.

These seminars are based on the idea that people learn best when they are active participants in a discussion among peers. Group size is strictly limited and participation is by invitation only. Students are joined by a professor who guides the conversation, but allows students to shape the discussion.

Examples of these seminars are listed below.

austrian socratic 2015Introduction to Austrian Economics
Discussion Leader: Glenn Fox (University of Guelph)
October 23-25, 2015 / Ottawa, ON




Public Choice Group Photo sqThe Problems of Public Choice
Discussion Leader: David R. Henderson (Naval Postgraduate School)
November 7-9, 2014 / Montreal, QC
Reading List


IMG_8070sqAn Introduction to Austrian Economics
Discussion Leader: Glenn Fox (University of Guelph)
January 10-12, 2014 / Toronto, ON
Reading List
Market FailureMarket Failure in Economic Thought
Discussion Leader: Steven Horwitz (St. Lawrence University)
November 1-3, 2013 / Montreal, QC
Reading List
Liberty and Social JusticeLiberty and Social Justice
Discussion Leader: John Tomasi (Brown University)
March 15-17, 2013 / Toronto, ON
Reading List
Freedom and Philosophy 101 cropPhilosophy and Freedom
Discussion Leader: Peter Jaworski (Georgetown University)
January 11-13, 2013 / Ottawa, ON
Reading List
Public ChoiceThe Five Problems of Public Choice
Discussion Leader: Michael Munger (Duke University)
October 26-28, 2012 / Montreal, QC
Reading List
SAM_07612Ownership and Liberty
Discussion Leaders: Peter Jaworski (Georgetown University)
& Jan Narveson (University of Waterloo)
March 23-25, 2012 / Ottawa, ON
Reading List
Advanced Austrian Picture 3Introduction to Austrian Economics
Discussion Leader: Benjamin Powell (Texas Tech University)
November 4-6, 2011 / Montreal, QC
Reading List